November Monthly Update

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Lots of news about COVID variants that may concern our global work and cause even more delays. It is a wait and see. I am reminded of the persistent challenges we have all had yet we are so adaptable and so many projects have progressed. More than ever I am thankful for the work we all do to address gender inequality, even with restrictions in place. Yet, we all know that staff are also impacted and stressed who are on the frontlines, we must appreciate and support them!
This past month we celebrated International Men's Day on November 19, and highlighted the impressive work that our internal affiliates are doing to address issues that specifically affect men. Check out our Twitter! The holidays have sprung upon us for many, and I wish you all a very special holiday season filled with good health and memories: Felices fiestas 节日快乐 Bonnes fêtes Frohe Feiertage 良い休日を छुट्टियाँ मुबारक हों أعياد سعيدة Geseende Kerfees Twawatakia heri na fanaka sikukuu za Desemba Happy Holidays, among so many other incredible languages!
I look forward to commemorating the 16 Days of Activism against GBV next month with you all.

In health,
Dr. Wendee

RTI Gender-related November publications

  • Akré, E.-R. L., Marthey, D. J., Ojukwu, C., Ottenwaelder, C., Comfort, M., & Lorvick, J. (2021). Social Stability and Unmet Health Care Needs in a Community-Based Sample of Women Who Use Drugs. Health Services Research and Managerial Epidemiology8, 233339282110486.

  • Anderson, S., Mauskopf, J., Talbird, S. E., White, A., & Srinivasan, M. (2021). Antiseizure medications and oral contraceptives: Impact of enzyme inducers on pregnancy outcomes and costs. Epilepsy & Behavior125, 108368.
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November Publication Feature

Social Stability and Unmet Health Care Needs in a Community-Based Sample of Women Who Use Drugs
Guided by the framework of social determinants of health, RTI researchers sought to examine the relationship between access to healthcare services and social stability among over 500 women who reported drug use in Oakland, CA. In their analysis, researchers found that those with higher levels of social stability had fewer unmet mental health and other medical care needs than their counterparts. The authors suggest that further research be conducted on the effects of gender-specific drug treatment on drug use, social stability, and unmet healthcare needs.

Akré, E.-R. L., Marthey, D. J., Ojukwu, C., Ottenwaelder, C., Comfort, M., & Lorvick, J. (2021). Social Stability and Unmet Health Care Needs in a Community-Based Sample of Women Who Use Drugs. Health Services Research and Managerial Epidemiology8, 233339282110486.

RTI Gender-related November Project Wins


Congratulations to:

  • Katherine Treiman and team on their win, Evaluation of MD Anderson HPV Vaccination Initiative, from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Norman Goco and team on their win, MITS Surveillance Alliance: Accelerating pathology-based mortality surveillance using MITS, from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Michelle Krzyzanowski and team on their win, PhenX Supplement for Expanding Social Determinants of Health, from PHS NIH NHGRI
  • Kelle Barrick and team on their win, Research and Evaluation of Trafficking in Persons - Labor Trafficking, from the Department of Justice National Institute of Justice
  • Nicole Lee and team on their win, 2022 and 2023 Ohio Study of Associated Risks of Stillbirth (OH SOARS), from the Ohio State University
  • Jonathan Thornburg and team on their win,Reducing Household Air Pollution Exposure to Improve Early Child Health and Development: Extending the CHANge Trial, from the University of Sydney
  • Sue Napierala and team on their win, Savings interventions to reduce men's engagement in HIV risk behaviors, from the University of Pennsylvania
  • Melissa McSweign and team on their win, Columbia Kazakhstan NIH R21 Stigma Bid, from Columbia University
  • Courtney Bonner and team on their win, 217711/ BW Implementation Science Study- Time and Materials Contract, from GlaxoSmithKline - USA

 November Project-Win Feature

Savings Intervention to Reduce Men's Involvement in HIV Risk Behaviors
This recently-awarded project will partner with a prominent Kenyan bank to provide prize-based incentives to local men for not engaging in HIV risk behaviors and promote savings behaviors to improve health outcomes, future orientation, and reduce HIV risk. 

Congratulations to the project team on this exciting win!


Upcoming Events

November 25th through December 10th are the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence!
Stay tuned for information about what we are doing to commemorate this at our next RTI Global Gender Center meeting.


 Gender Science News 

Unvaccinated: The kids aren’t alright
Clinician peer networks remove race and gender bias
Moderate amounts of caffeine not linked to maternal health risks
New study finds evidence of COVID antibodies in breast milk of vaccinated mothers
Lack of sleep affecting students’ mental health especially women

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