Working to Eliminate Global Gender Inequalities

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It's Time to Eliminate Gender Inequalities

Gender inequality is a global problem. No one should experience bias because of gender, especially when it comes to health, education, economic development, and political participation.

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A Global Issue with Global Impact

We’ve implemented more than 900 gender-related projects around the world
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Our center is made up of more than 400 affiliates working across RTI’s many practice areas


Wendee Wechsberg

“We must listen to the communities, the local people, to understand culturally what is going to fit and what is going to be the language of the research, and not just say we know what to do here.” Meet All Our Experts

Substance abuse treatment

Gender issues and HIV risk

Community-based research

International HIV adaptations

Rajeev Colaço

“I oversee MERLA (Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, Learning, & Adapting) across a portfolio of global health projects. I love framing and telling stories of how and why projects achieve- or do not achieve- results, and how we take learning to action." Meet All Our Experts

Monitoring and evaluation of global health programs

Design and implementation of learning agendas

Quantitative and qualitative data collection and management

Data use, visualization and interpretation

Project management

Elizabeth Montgomery

"I think my work is interesting and challenging, and most importantly, I have an incredible network of smart, talented colleagues in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Kenya and Uganda – many of whom I consider to be friends." Meet All Our Experts

HIV prevention research

Quantitative and qualitative methods

Male partner interventions

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