Working to Eliminate Global Gender Inequalities

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It's Time to Eliminate Gender Inequalities

Gender inequality is a global problem. No one should experience bias because of gender, especially when it comes to health, education, economic development, and political participation.

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A Global Issue with Global Impact

We’ve implemented more than 900 gender-related projects around the world
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Felicia Browne

"I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work on applied, gender-focused projects in the community in which I grew up, in hopes of having an impact on HIV, STIs and other health outcomes among African-American adolescent girls and young women." Meet All Our Experts

Stigma, discrimination, and gender


Community-based research

Substance use and addiction

Courtney Peasant Bonner

“It is an honor and privilege to work with resilient women to develop interventions that reduce their barriers to care and empower them to live healthy lives." Meet All Our Experts

HIV prevention among vulnerable women

Mental health and substance use

Gender-based violence among women who use substances

Anupa Bir

“To advance the field of health and social policy research, we have to focus on innovation, especially in methods that will allow us to present results in ways that are interactive and actionable.” Meet All Our Experts

Evaluation methods

Health care innovation

Child well-being

Family well-being


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