With affiliates and experts in gender work across the institute and around the world, the RTI Global Gender Center addresses gender inequalities and disparities worldwide through innovative research and international collaboration. Our global network includes researchers and experts from local and global external organizations who partner with us on cross-disciplinary research and programs. External affiliates foster a collaborative, noncompetitive atmosphere for producing knowledge on gender and turning it into practice.

Benefits of becoming an affiliate include

  • Collaborate with internal RTI affiliates and gender experts on gender-related programs and research

  • Get exposure for your professional gender-related work at Center events

  • Network with other affiliates at Center events, and connect with RTI affiliates on overlapping research interests

  • Get support from RTI affiliates who can contribute their expertise to your gender-related professional work

  • Be part of a global network with the shared mission of ending gender inequalities worldwide

Practitioners, policymakers, research institutes, and academic researchers interested in becoming an RTI Global Gender Center Affiliate should be prepared to provide the following for consideration:

  • Current CV

  • Summary of your body of gender research

  • Home organization and title

Please note that all external affiliates must undergo a vetting process by our legal department. Being an external affiliate to the RTI Global Gender Center does not constitute a legal, contractual, or employment relationship with RTI. Nor does it imply any guarantee of funding opportunities. RTI reserves sole right to discontinue affiliation status with the Center.
Please contact us to become an affiliate.