Celebrating Women’s Health Month with Heartfulness Meditation: How One RTI Employee is Impacting the Health of Her Coworkers

May 22, 2019

With May being Women’s Health Month, it is imperative that we encourage each other to develop positive and sustainable health habits that promote physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.  

The leading cause of death among women in the United States is cardiovascular disease, which is primarily caused by stress. The 21st century woman has tremendous responsibilities that cause high levels of pressure. Identifying and appropriately managing these stressors can be a beneficial strategy to reducing the risks of heart disease, no matter your gender.  

Due to the demands of the modern world, ancient practices of yogic breathing through programs like Heartfulness Meditation are gaining popularity. The practice helps busy individuals lead a more heartcentered life and combat the deadly effects of heart disease. Heartfulness Meditation originates from India and has since transformed into a global network led by certified trainers in-person and online through the Heartfulness app. 


Walking the mountain trail.

One Heartfulness trainer, Devi Sekar, is paving the way for her RTI colleagues to achieve their own inner peace through the program. 

“I have been practicing Heartfulness Meditation over a number of years. The practice makes me less stressed and I have noticed a significant improvement in my health and overall wellbeing. I am getting much more out of my life and being very productive at work and at home,” said Sekar.  

The RTI International Research Programmer Analyst recently attended a five-day Heartfulness Meditation retreat in the foothills of the Indian Himalayan mountains at the place named Satkol. Many cherish Satkol for its sacred atmosphere, allowing Sekar to spend quality time in contemplation and introspection. 

“The whole place was not only a delight for our senses but for our soul as well,” said Sekar. 

Among the high peaks and deep valleys with 25 other participants, the group set out on their journey into the inner self at 4 AM. Rising with the sun, everybody began their day with individual and group mediation. Sekar experienced fulfillment as she found that “there was a deep sense of peace and contentment about being in that place.”  

Connecting with participants at the retreat let Sekar learn more about other’s confidence in Heartfulness Meditation, helping her understand the benefits first-hand. By turning her knowledge into practice, Sekar now leads her own Heartfulness Meditation sessions weekly at RTI International’s headquarters.  


“Taking a break with a half hour meditation during a busy day will help us recharge and recuperate ourselves and get back to our desk with renewed energy,”
said Sekar, “This practice fits the RTI mission very well as it immensely helps the human condition.”


“I hope that everyone gives Heartfulness Meditation a try and can reap the benefits from this simple practice,” says Sekar. Throughout the month of May, these sessions will be called Mindful Wednesdays. RTI employees can join a session by registering with RTI Wellness or following along with the Heartfulness Meditation App: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/heartfulness/id1053164680?mt=8

Early morning meditation.