Local Capacity Development

Organizational Development & Leadership

Gender Equity & Social Inclusion

Melissa Dunn is a seasoned capacity development and training professional with more than 25 years of experience working with urban resilience, higher education, public health (international and domestic), substance abuse, mental health, education, juvenile justice, and other youth-serving programs.

Over the course of her career, Ms. Dunn has applied the most appropriate and effective approaches to knowledge management and organizational development, including the design and implementation of training and capacity building materials and tools, management and facilitation of online and eLearning materials, and facilitation of international knowledge-sharing and training workshops in areas that include gender equity and social inclusion; leadership development; and monitoring, evaluation, research, learning and adapting (MERLA). Ms. Dunn’s work in capacity building in low-/middle-income countries spans multicultural settings, community-based organizations, universities and training institutes, and governmental and nongovernmental organizations.  She is a skilled trainer, process facilitator, development trainer, instructional designer, and curriculum developer. Ms. Dunn is also a credentialed mediator/conflict resolution specialist and evaluation professional.

As a member of RTI’s Global Gender Center, Ms. Dunn also supports gender equity and social inclusion by supporting projects that serve specialized target populations, including women and at-risk youth.