RIP Notorious RBG

September 21, 2020

A feminist icon and a real ‘SHERO’ for women’s rights and equality has died. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a role model and was coined Notorious RBG by a law student. She made an impact not only serving 27 years as an associate on the Supreme Court but in her earlier career where she took cases pro bono for the American Civil Liberties Union while she was in academia teaching law at Rutgers and Columbia. She became known for her many winning arguments before the Supreme Court on gender equality and women’s rights. She was a defender of the law and considered a liberal as a Judge. Notorious RBG became an icon with her movie, documentary, then T-shirts, mugs, became popular with RBG.

Recently, billboards have been seen wishing her well. We wanted RBG to live on, even after several bouts with cancer. She fought on for all of us working for equality. However, and sadly, Notorious RBG has left us, but she has made real ‘herstory’ and truly was ‘Notorious’ in the best possible way. RIP RBG

Wendee Wechsberg, PhD, Director, RTI Global Gender Center


Wendee Wechsberg

“We must listen to the communities, the local people, to understand culturally what is going to fit and what is going to be the language of the research, and not just say we know what to do here.”