Archana Krovi, PhD has over 12 years of research experience designing and developing advanced polymeric materials to address global health needs. She has expertise in synthesizing polymers, fabricating nanoparticles, and engineering medical devices for controlled drug delivery. As a Research Chemist at RTI International, Dr. Krovi is part of a comprehensive research team that develops biodegradable subdermal implants for a range of medical indications. She serves as the technical lead on various research projects focused on long term delivery approaches for HIV, contraception, cancer, and opioid use disorder. Dr. Krovi is also a part of an interdisciplinary team whose efforts are focused on the design, fabrication, and assessment of biological responses of novel nanoparticles derived from high commodity plastics.   

Prior to joining RTI, Dr. Krovi held a postdoctoral position at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill where she synthesized antiretroviral prodrugs for HIV prevention and evaluated their pharmacokinetics in small animal models. Her graduate research at Northwestern University was focused on the synthesis and surface modification of polymer nanoparticles as drug delivery vehicles for breast cancer therapy.

Dr. Krovi fills her spare time by reading books, engaging in arts/crafts, and playing the veena (an Indian string instrument).