RTI Global Gender Center Presents: International Men's Day

November 16, 2022 12:00pm


Hear from RTI Global Gender Center affiliates and scientists whose work focuses on the health and wellness of men and boys.

International Men’s Day occurs annually in November along with “Movember”, both of which are intended to bring awareness to the health and wellness of men and boys. We know that addressing gender equality fully can’t happen without bringing men to the table. In honor of both of these holidays, the RTI Global Gender Center presents an International Men’s Day event on November 16, 2022, from 12 – 1:00 PM ET. Register for this event here.


Forward Promise Initiative: Addressing trauma and healing among boys and young men of color

  • Phillip Graham, DrPH, is the Center Director of RTI's Center for Behavioral Health Epidemiology, Implementation, and Evaluation Research. He has more than 20 years of experience conducting community-based research and evaluation, with researching focusing on evaluating preventive interventions developed to reduce and prevent adolescent interpersonal violence and substance use. Dr. Graham currently serves as the project director on several national cross-site evaluations assessing community efforts to reduce underage drinking, prescription drug misuse and abuse, marijuana use, and opioid deaths. He has also investigated the effects of witnessing community violence on perpetration, the development of ethnic identity among African American male adolescents as a protective factor, and the impact of comprehensive school-based interventions and services to promote healthy child development.

Transformative Research Unity for Equity: Research practices with men

  • Stephanie Hawkins, PhD, was professionally trained as a clinical psychologist in a program grounded in the practice of community-engaged research to serve globally unserved settings. During her 25+ year research career, working in service of race and health equity has been the through line in her research. Dr. Hawkins has conducted research in the United States and abroad and has extensive experience researching the impact of juvenile justice system involvement on outcomes for girls, trauma and boys and men of color, youth mentoring, structural violence, and program and systems-level evaluations. Dr. Hawkins is a youth, violence prevention, and health equity subject matter expert. She has employed both quantitative and qualitative methods in her research and is a highly skilled focus group facilitator.


  • Darigg Brown, PhD, is a behavioral scientist and program manager with nearly 15 years of experience in program evaluation and behavioral outcomes research focusing on substance misuse prevention, HIV/AIDS prevention, mental health, positive youth development and promoting health equity. His expertise in these areas includes using qualitative methods to conduct community-level evaluations on program effectiveness, capacity building, and the provision of training and technical assistance. Dr. Brown has worked with foundations, community-based organizations, and local governments, and has provided content-specific expertise on federally funded projects from the CDC and SAMHSA.



Darigg Brown


Substance abuse prevention

Mental health and trauma

Youth and young adults

Cross-site program evaluation

Community-based interventions


Stephanie Hawkins Anderson


Girls and delinquency prevention

Violence Prevention

Substance abuse prevention

Boys and men of color